Posters instructions

Printed posters instructions

All posters should be set up before 10.00 on 4 April 2016 and taken down after 10.00 on 6 April 2016. Posters will be displayed in the GF Zimmer 116 (on the 2nd floor) and in the Club room (on the 4th floor).

Please observe the following when you prepare your poster:

All posters should include title, name of authors, institution, city and country. The lettering of the title should be at least 25 mm high and the main text at least 10 mm high. The poster should be easily readable from a distance of 2 meters.

The language of the poster should be English. The measurement of your poster should be approximately 1.46 cm high x 1.00 cm wide.

Please bring your poster to the conference yourself - do not send it as this will be considered as a no show. The EPUAP 2014 Conference Secretariat provides equipment for setting up the posters on the boards.

All posters must be removed at the latest 6 April 2016 before 10.00.

The Conference Secretariat takes no responsibility for left or damaged posters.